About Us

  Specialty Product Sales is the brainchild of our founder Brint Fanizza. Under his guidance the company created Famore Cutlery, a premier line of Scissors and tools for the crafting, sewing, cosplay, quilting, and hobbyist industry.  

  Brint Fanizza has worn many hats in his life, all of which have culminated into who he is as a business owner. Brint began his career in manufacturing 25 years ago when he was approached with the opportunity to purchase a scissors and notions company. Due to his little knowledge on the subject Brint thought he was buying a company with direct links to manufacturers. Instead Brint bought into a scissors reseller. The quality of the product is not what it is today.

  The first show for Famore was the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo in Duluth, Georgia. Brint was fortunate enough to be placed near some heavy hitters in the Sewing industry. Clotilde, Kathy Rudy, Cynthia Guffey and many more were also vending at the show. Brint managed to receive guidance and advice from well known names in the industry. This allowed Famore Cutlery to become the brand it is today.

   The next venture for Famore Cutlery is the cosplay space. Over the last 6 years we have made great strides and in roads with the community. As we expand our reach into the space we have begun Famore Workshops At The Con. For too long the sewing industry had struggled to reach the cosplay community and seemed unwillingly to try a new approach. Through the guidance and hard work of the folks at Famore we have managed to bring education to the cons. Our goal is to expand the educational platform to encompass all things related to building a cosplay.

  We pride ourselves on our quality, affordability and human customer relations. We invite you to meet Brint at any of the trade shows we attend (Show Schedule). You can drop off scissors for sharpening or come get a hug and a kiss from the Scissors Man himself.