Ashes Ashes: Inspiring action towards a better world

Posted by Famore on Nov 13th 2018

Ashes Ashes: Inspiring action towards a better world

We’re taking a dip into a different creative space this month and giving you a feature like no other.

Our friends who created the Ashes Ashes podcast have made us think, wonder and dream about the state of the world’s systems, and the obstacles to a better way forward. We couldn’t do anything but spread the word to all of our Famore friends about how Ashes Ashes is making a difference in the world.

After travelling around the world, Daniel Forkner came to a realization that the world was not what his business education prepared him for – and it wasn’t just with global political and economic systems.

“In my city for example people are joining the ranks of the homeless at an alarming rate as we continue allowing developers to gentrify and foreclose on homeless shelters because returns on investment are more important than returns on human life,” Forkner said.

With this new realization he decided to start from scratch to rebuild his values and the understanding of the world around him.

“[Involving] a combination of increased self-education, participation with groups that serve to aid victims of oppression, and taking part in community building efforts,” Forkner said. “At every point along the way, my emerging values must be compared alongside old habits. Where there is a discrepancy, change must take place.”

It was time for a change and to see the world in a different light. In doing so, he joined with friend David Torcivia to create a weekly podcast called Ashes Ashes to spread awareness as to what they see as critical, sensitive and neglected issues.

“We believed these were stories that needed telling, and perspectives that could not be ignored for our own sake,” Torcivia said.

The show is about the end of the world – tales of systems out of control, environmental collapse, and ultimately a broken world. Daniel and David bring light to failures that are often ignored through deep research, knowledgeable guests and historical anecdotes.

“With each story we hope to inspire action towards fixing these problems - while we still have time to,” the duo said.

Since they released their first episode in January 2018, they have now reached just over 2,500 plays per week.

“A lot of the growth of this show is due to word of mouth, and the support of helpful online communities like Reddit and we're very grateful for this,” they said.

They hope that the trend in listens continues to grow in the future months and ultimately hope to keep on creating content that people get excited about – and can’t wait to share with those they care about.

To say the least, we definitely recommend taking a listen to Ashes Ashes where you’ll learn a great deal. As friends of Famore, trust us in knowing that you won’t be disappointed.

“I see the value of knowledge through a focused lens going forward; as merely a tool for action and dissemination. If learning about the world does not change the way I act, then I am either wasting my time or lying to myself,” Forkner said.

You can subscribe to Ashes Ashes on iTunes, Google Play, Sitcher, Soundcloud, or search "Ashes Ashes" on your favorite podcast app.