Bringing the heat to the fashion industry

Posted by Famore on Nov 13th 2018

It’s officially summer! The Scissors Man is out visiting the factory and we’re getting ready for the shows coming up in the next few months, along with handling the heat that Georgia brings.

Speaking of heat … we have to discuss our latest creative mind – Jada Taylor – who’s bringing the heat to the fashion industry.

This young lady is on the path to greatness and we knew we had to share her story with you.

At an early age, Jada Taylor was fascinated how clothing help to tell a story in the television and film industry – it tells a story and creates a feeling or emotion.

Between her grandma, who always allowed her to help in personal sewing projects, to her mother who helped Jada create costumes for the high school drama club, Jada was always around sewing in some aspect of her life.

“They taught me how to fabric shop, read patterns and the basics of sewing,” Jada said. “This laid the groundwork for my technical skills, and in college I fine-tuned and developed them much further.”

With the goal of developing skills required to be a costume designer, Jada attended Virginia Marti College where she learned pattern making, fittings, textiles, design, etc.

“Clothing allows people to tell their own, personal story, so I began my journey as a fashion designer.”

After graduation, Jada has had the opportunity to pursue two passions at once.

“I work on films as a tailor and costumer, and I also design, develop and market Mixd Fashion. I am very busy and time is precious, but I love and have a great passion for what I do and feel very lucky to live my dreams every day.”

Mixd Fashion is a brand that Jada began on her own. With the mission of “not letting the world define you by one category,” Jada is not allowing society to put anyone in one specific box.

“Today’s girl comes in all shapes, colors, sizes and backgrounds, and they should confidently chose to do whatever makes them happy and look great doing it!”

Though in the beginning stages, she loves that she’s able to bring her visions to life and for others to see.

“To have models showcase your art, is unlike anything in the world! When an audience loves your vision and it gives you confidence and motivation to keep going.”

The company focuses on athleisure wear because it’s close to Jada’s own personal style. She loves taking a feminine silhouette and putting a sporty edge to it. That said, streetwear is Jada’s number one obsession and often when she’s designing, she thinks about who the girl is and where in the city she’s going.

Through her successes, there’s also a hardship of the industry: staying relevant and current with trends because she feels it’s important to have your clients interested in your brand, but also stay interested.

“You have to stay apart and unique from the many other brands out there.”

This isn’t stopping Jada, though. She has big goals for Mixd Fashion and hipes to work/collaborate with a major design company in the future.

“[She hopes to be] dressing girls across the country, and even dressing celebrities or events. Basically, world domination.”

She’s already starting the trend with participating in the recent Fashion Massacre Fashion Show in Detroit.

Having her own collection on the shows’ website, her own personal site, and talked about through many people is proof that she’s on the right path.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Jada.