Collaborating in Making the World a Softer Place

Posted by Famore on Nov 8th 2018

Collaborating in Making the World a Softer Place

We’ve started out the New Year with a great collaboration with Shannon Fabrics, a company that is truly living the “American Dream.”

Shannon Fabrics, a wholesale fabrics distributor, was established in 1995 by Persian immigrant Ebrahim Pairavi when he came to California with his wife, two sons and a daughter on the way. The company was doing well until the unfortunate consequences of the 1999 stock market crash in which Ebrahim was faced with one of the hardest [financial] tests of his life. That said, the company bounced back in 2000 when it opened a new retail store in Los Angeles with the help of Ebrahim’s son, Arvin, shifting the company from a retail business to wholesale.

As the company has grown, Shannon Fabrics has become the premier destination for all types of plush fabrics, working with retail fabric stores and quilt shops; apparel designers and manufacturers; and manufacturers of home décor, bedding, and more. They’ve even started working with independent and in-house designers to develop and create fabric collections available within the industry, all while becoming an international sensation.

To this day, the Pairavi’s run their business with passion, all while maintaining a loyal, family environment for their employees. Every employee plays a vital role in the company’s success. “As a passionate sewist and quilter, it is such a pleasure to work for the company – the fabrics are truly so soft and beautiful and the quality is amazing! I love sewing with our fabrics and promoting the enormous variety, beautiful selection, and top notch quality,” Marketing Manager Ellen Mickelson said.

What’s in store for the collaboration?

As you know in 2016, we’re working hard to collaborate with more people and companies to get our brand out there. When we met Shannon Fabrics, it seemed like a natural fit. We’ll be cross-promoting each other at different trade shows throughout the year. We’re both, actually, sponsoring the panel for the cosplay presentation at the VDTA trade show in February.

Not to mention, we have the tools you’ll need to properly cut some of their fabric selections, including soft and plush Cuddle® fabrics, faux furs, double gauze, terry cloth, silky satin and other novelty fabrics.

Shannon Fabrics has a lot in store for you. From free patterns to education opportunities, they’ll have everything you need to join into the fun of Making the World a Softer Place.