Eleni Rivera’s is proof that your creativity will never fade

Posted by Famore on Nov 13th 2018

Being in the creative industry, we don’t really notice all the different aspects of art around us. Whether it’s advertising, fashion, sewing, or performing arts, it’s an important part of economic well-being. In fact, authors of The Creative City state that “the industries of the twenty-first century will depend increasingly on the generation of knowledge through creativity and innovation.” With every single one of us being within this industry, we’re not only creating an impact on ourselves, but with others around us.

This is especially true for Eleni Rivera – a 23-year old first-time author of You, Me, and Everything in Between.

Eleni began her writing career when she was just 6-years old.

“My brother won me a cheap diary from this small arcade near our house that was fluffy with white and blue clouds. I had never owned a diary nor knew what to do. I quickly ran to my bedroom and stared at the blank page with my pencil and wrote. I never stopped writing since then, drowning myself in my work.”

From there, writing became everything to her.

“I really enjoyed putting to paper my anger, sadness, happiness, boredom. It's like writing became my best friend.”

Taking her passion onto college, she majored in English for a bit until she decided that she wanted to pursue film and video. She knew she could continue to write without a degree and switching majors would allow her to focus on more than just one passion – which is exactly what she’s doing today.

Currently an assistant to A-List actors, top Hollywood producers and directors, she works as their right-hand man to assistant in all aspects of filmmaking. Though the career keeps her busy, she continues to write as much as possible. Writing everything from scripts to fantasy novels, Eleni is always working her creative mindset.

“My writing is necessary … I write so I can think. So I can breathe."

It wasn’t until recently, though, that she discovered that she had been writing poems. Thus how she decided to self-publish You, Me, and Everything in Between. The book is a collection of poetry that encompasses love, heartbreak and growth. Split into three chapters, it covers poems for loved ones, after loved ones and self – a true work of art dealing with various raw emotions.

Though a daunting task, Eleni knew that with the media outlets and companies like Amazon she’d be able to successfully make one of her dreams come true.

That said, she knew it would be difficult with

how hard she is on herself. With constantly tweaking, fixing and wanting to add more she began to doubt herself and wonder if anyone would even like it.

“I had to continue to remind myself that I'm publishing this for myself.”

Once the entire process was completed, Eleni was overwhelmed with emotions as she held her book for the first time.

“It felt beyond surreal. I've been writing for years and I have always wanted to get my writing published. I literally would cry seeing JK Rowling speak or try to go to book signings for like Rupi Kaur because I wanted to just be in the presence of amazing authors. So when I held my book and flipped through the pages I was filled with a warm happiness I've never felt before. Proud. I've never been so proud of myself. And it didn't feel like I finished something and was done. I looked at it and realized, I'm just getting started.”

So what’s next for Eleni? Well, she just finished writing a short-script with her creative partner and plans to shoot it sometime in the spring. Alongside of that, she is finishing up a fantasy novel that she’s beyond excited about.

This young lady is following her dreams and making sure that her passions are never faded. This is what we all need to strive for. No matter what our creative passion is, we’re all in the same field and it’s never too late to follow your dream. We can say with confidence that we, Famore, will continue to follow ours.

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