Famore Finds Fun at North Texas Quilt Festival

Posted by Famore on Nov 13th 2018


Famore Finds Fun at North Texas Quilt Festival

Famore traveled to the Lonestar State to attend to the OSQE Sewing and Quilt Show in Arlington, TX on August 24-26. The show was a joint venture between OSQE and Martha Pullen and with both of these respected and trusted brands promoting the show, we felt we had to bring our own booth and attendance into the mix.

The show brought more than 350 stunning quilts that brimmed with both artistry and creativity, and many competed for awards given by accredited judges - Frieda Anderson, Lisa Erlandson and Peggy DeLaVergne. Various booths offered a multitude of items, such as fabric, thread, patterns, machinery and more. There was also a daily quilt auction, open to everyone and presenting beautiful quilts to the highest bidder, proceeds of which went to a breast cancer organization and future education programs at regional quilt guild meetings.

We also found a diverse group of sewers and quilters in attendance. We enjoy attending shows with this kind of diversity in attendance, as we personally feel there is more to learn from multiple crafts. When you can attend a show that has this mix, you can discover new techniques, tools and overall knowledge that an attendee might miss when going to a craft-specific show.

This being a first-year show, the risks are there aren't previous shows to mesure outcome with attending, but it was well worth it for us! We made new customers, met with existing customers and made new friends.The icing on the cake for us was the ability to meet with our great Director of Content for our newsletter – Kaylee Holzapfel. Kaylee got the chance to see what our world is all about. We took her around the show to see some of the amazing quilts hanging on the walls of the room and play with a longarm quilting machine.

Overall, we consider the show a great success and hope to attend again next year