How to use applique scissors for holiday projects

Posted by Famore on Nov 8th 2018

Applique scissors make the precise process of cutting around applique objects easier. Applique refers to sewing or ironing pieces of fabric on top of each other to create a textured, neat effect that can only be achieved by perfectly trimmed fabric layers. Fortunately, Famore has created a variety of specialty scissors that are engineered to make your holiday applique project cutting exact.

Never stab your fabric with pointy scissors again by refining your applique projects with Blunt Tip Pocket Safety Scissors!

Achieve a razor sharp fabric cut without worrying about stabbing your fabric with pointed scissors. These stainless steel scissors are easy to keep clean, and when you use them, you’ll feel the weight and professionalism of each snip. That fuzzy blanket with the bear applique will come out looking picture perfect with little chance of stabbing the fabric!

In applique you need a scissor that allows you to precisely trim along seem lines and around edges. Famore Applique Scissors - Without Duck Bill Blades provide you with thecontrol that razor-sharp blades and small sharp tips allow. You will be able to accurately trim threads quickly. The thin blade allows you to closely trim within an embroidery hoop or along side a sewing machine foot and eliminate unwanted threads.

Removing all the hanging threads on an embroidery hoop project like this reindeer silhouette is a breeze with Famore Applique scissors!

Of course, the offset nature of Duck Bill Applique Scissors make it easy to see exactly where to make your precision cuts! The duckbill blade is only a ½ inch in width which helps keep fabric safe, while the offset, longer handles on this 6 inch model makes cutting angles and corners simple.

These Duckbill Applique Scissors are perfect tool for trimming applique and stabilizer from the back of your embroidery as well as cutting close to your seams