Left Handed Scissors In All Sizes

Posted by Famore on Nov 8th 2018

February 10, 2017, Gainesville Georgia, Famore Cutlery has introduced a one-of-a-kind left handed scissors product line. Famore Cutlery is the first to create a left handed duckbill applique scissors and the first in creating a half sized version (product number 712DL or 708L-709L). The owner and founder, Brint Fanizza, decided to design a left handed line in response to the high volume of requests from customers to fill this need. With sewing and crafts continuing to increase in popularity due to social media commerce, it is understandable more people are interested in finding scissors and sewing machines that cater to them.

The left handed scissors are set apart due to their size and quality. “Our customers for over 8 years have consistently requested we make smaller more professional grade left handed scissors which currently are not found in our industry. These new left handed scissors have not only been manufactured and tested against our high quality standards they also come with our sharpening and reconditioning service we offer for all of our scissors,” said Sebastian Rivera, COO/ Vice President of Famore Cutlery. When consumers search for left handed scissors in a smaller size than 6 inches you find safety scissors for children. Left handed scissors for children lack the quality or seriousness of sewing, quilting or embroidery. Many customers with smaller hands were unable to properly use the larger, traditional sizes.

Famore Cutlery noticed that many younger sewers and quilters starting out are forced to learn how to use right handed scissors. Once a left handed person learns to use right handed scissors in their left hand it becomes a challenge to learn to use real left handed scissors in the left hand. Famore’s hope is to give those starting out a real chance to use the proper tools that best fit their needs. For quilters this is a huge advantage for their projects. Quilting is a very mathematically precise art, there is no room for error and having the correct tools make a difference.

Famore’s scissors are available worldwide at any of the retail shows they attend and online. All scissors come with a complimentary sharpening and reconditioning service. Customers can bring their scissors sharpened at no charge at the shows, drop them off at our store, or mail them to Famore for a small fee and to get them reconditioned and sent back within the same week they are received. Please visit for more informaiton. Specifically, our left handed scissor page is here, and there is a video explaining the difference in a true left handed scissor:

About Famore Cutlery:

Founded in 2000, Famore Cutlery is the premier manufacturer of scissors, tweezers, and magnifiers exclusive to the independent stores of needle arts industry. The firm motto is "Creating quality tools for the creative minds". Famore offers a variety of services from OEM/Private labeling to scissors sharpening and reconditioning. Famore scissors and unique sewing tools are built to last without diminished quality and made from high quality German stainless steel for continued clean sharp edges that allow professional re-sharpening, along with tension adjustment screws. Not your everyday scissors, these are scissors for many generations to enjoy and love. Specialties include:

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