Sew Much Cosplay all around us

Posted by Famore on Nov 13th 2018

There’s Sew Much CosplayTM all around us

An international phenomenon, Cosplay, is continuously growing in popularity worldwide. The performance art is where participants — cosplayers — wear costumes to represent specific characters from anime, comic books, cartoons, video games, live-action films and television series. These cosplayers attend thousands of conventions and other events throughout the year — with the biggest in the nation being Comic-Con — where they can participate in panels, meet and greets and contests for having the best costume.

Becoming more mainstream in the last several years, cosplayers have been creating their own costumes using an array of craft supplies and sewing techniques, including PVC pipes, plastics, chemicals and delicate fabrics. Even with the wide-range of materials, there isn’t much in the industry relating to the cosplay phenomenon … until now.

Sew Much CosplayTM is about to change the entire market for cosplayers. We were recently introduced to founders Tracy Mooney and Cheryl Sleboda and learned so much about their background and new business venture.

Both Mooney and Sleboda have been in the comic industry for quite some time. Being a distributor and an avid Comicon goer, Sleboda knew that the cosplay phenomenon was there but wasn’t sure why anyone wasn’t paying a lot of attention to it.

“I have been saying that this is the future of sewing for a long time. I love Cosplay and I can’t wait to bring cosplayers the products and techniques that will make their costumes better,” says Cheryl Sleboda.

Mooney has been aware of the cosplay sensation since a young kid. Being one of 5 children, her older brother dressed up as a Trekkie as part of the Star Wars phenomenon. It wasn’t until after her three children that her knowledge grew even wider of the comic-con, cosplay sensation.

After hearing their stories, the Scissors Man knew they’d hit it off at the 2017 VDTA show, which was featuring an entire section just on cosplay. That show had over 100,000 attendees who were passionate about the cosplay industry. If it wasn’t a perfect fit, we don’t know what was!

It definitely worked out in their favor, too. After the show, RNK reached out to Mooney and Sleboda about a possible partnership. Of course, the ladies accepted and are incredibly excited to be able to bring products to the underserved market.

“I think that there is not only a lot of room for improvement in the products that are currently on the market that Cosplayers have been using, there is so much room for improvement in stabilizers and interfacings that would be more realistic to what cosplayers see on the screen,” Mooney said.

Definitely be on the lookout for these two as they bring to light the phenomenon of cosplay with new and improved products slated to launch in the Fall of 2017.

We at Famore personally think [industry wise] that Sew Much Cosplay is going to be booming