Try These New Sewing Trends of 2017

Posted by Famore on Nov 8th 2018

In 2009, during the beginning of the Great Recession we saw sewing and crafts increase exponentially in popularity. For example, in 2016 Etsy (a marketplace website that predominantly is used by artists and crafters) reported a 19.4 percent year-over-year increase for the past five years in active sellers, and a 25 percent increase of active buyers. They now have over 1.5 million sellers and 29 million buyers on their website. Obviously, crafts is no longer a cute pastime for pre-school children. According the revenue from social commerce, including the D-I-Y site Etsy, is now 30 billion dollars, which is 6 times as much as it was in 2011. These small independent sellers are starting to realize their pull in consumer trends and fashion. This year, there has emerged several trends in fashion, textiles, and sewing that are a direct result of trending D-I-Y products on Etsy.

  1. Patterns Are Now: Crazy mix-and-match prints are a hot trend on the runways and in the stores. Anyone can create this artsy look at an inexpensive cost. Allow your favorite colors and prints to guide you. Remember, being an artist is being able to express yourself with unique combinations of fabrics and colors.
  2. Be Bold and Colorful: The primary colors are not just for preschoolers. Designers are utilizing complementary colors in a whole new way. Using colors, sequins and shine in everyday outfits it trending. When sewing a new piece of clothing think about incorporating a bit of glow to a simple piece of the outfit to make it stand out.
  3. Don’t Be So Tight-Minded: Long gone are the skin-tight apparel that was so trendy a few years ago. Now it is all about wearing shapes that are visually appealing and fun. Get your scissors out and design a new neckline for that new tunic! In 2017, the trend is for boxy tops and jackets to come in full force by spring.

So, get out your scissors, thread, needles, and sewing machine and start designing. Sewing is no longer a hobby that your grandma did or something you teach your third grader to be more dexterous. No, it has officially gone mainstream, thanks to Etsy, Pinterest, YouTube, and FaceBook.