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Our growing list of our favorite sewing & quilting blogs for creative inspiration!

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We at Famore believe in the positive influence of knowledge shared through the great work educators and bloggers do every day, So this page serves as a space for highlighting our new and old online friends.

Meeting our fellow Sewing Industry Bloggers and Educators is something we at Famore are very passionate about. We were certain we could find people who had the same passion for the sewing arts & quilting industry as we do. So we continue to connect with talented folks willing to share and teach in everything useful to sewing arts: Sewing tips & hacks, Tutorials, Quilting, Crafts, Clothes & Fashion, and even Cosplay design, and more...

So we can introduce those talented teachers to our customers for sharing, learning tips, and inspiration. You will find many of them throughout the years test our products for use and share tips to save you time and effort... Educators also help us at Famore to design our products better in function as well as unique in size and shape for specific projects, So YOU "our customers" can do more with less effort.

Share some of your excitement with us and we'll pass it around, just like we're doing here.

Because we're all sewing arts industry-loving folks who can't help but love each and every new thing we find in hopes to grow our sewing world into an even larger one.

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Below is our growing list of our favorite sewing & quilting personalities for creative inspiration!


The Trunk of Seamstresses ( El Baúl de las Costureras )
María Elena García 
Location: Puerto Varas, Chile

Tutorials and Apparel from cosplay costumes to fashionable fitting clothes you can make at home!

The Trunk of the Seamstresses is a website where you can find Tutorials and Step by step instructions for sewing your favorite patterns and to create the fashions that you like — without the limitations of size issues. Here at the Seamstresses Trunk, you'll also find Free patterns that you can download & print at home for different garments, blouses, dresses, pants, and jackets. 

Learn and even earn some extra money with your sewing projects, Then you can sell or share them with your friends...
Save Money and begin making your own clothes (to fit) or for your entire family. 

We hope you find this Seamstress Trunk a lot of inspiration, especially for your own adventures with costumes & cosplay!



Suzy Quilts 

As you will notice quickly - Suzy’s bright & fun loving personality is larger than life and she brings this forth in all her designs and online presence. Suzy is a member of the Modern Quilt Guild and has published patterns in Modern Patchwork Magazine, QuiltCon Magazine and in collaboration with Birch Fabrics… 

Suzy uses her graphic design background to transform conventional sewing into a fresh, personal interpretation of minimal, modern design. has plenty to offer besides awesome quilts: there's tutorials, Free patterns, and always lots of fun ideas!

Currently living in Chicago, IL with her husband, John, and pup, Scrappy – which you will see in many of her photos keeping guard as quilt quality control.



Shannon Fabrics
Shannon Fabrics are the leading distributor of plush fabrics: comfy Cuddle®, Embrace® double gauze, faux furs, satins, and more... 

Ebrahim Pairavi established Shannon Fabrics in 1995. After growing up around his father’s fabric business, Ebrahim immigrated to California with his wife and sons. Shortly after arriving in the United States, his daughter Amy Shannon was born. Ebrahim engaged in the fabric business again and ultimately started Shannon Fabrics, which is named after his daughter.

Today Shannon Fabrics is the premier destination for all types of plush fabrics and is Making The World a Softer Place™. Shannon Fabrics has earned the trust of its customers, suppliers, and other industry leaders. Shannon Fabrics takes pride in being an innovative and creative market leader. In addition to licensing agreement with Robert Kaufman, Premier Prints, and other industry leaders, the company works with independent and in-house designers to develop and create some of the best fabric collections available in the industry

Shannon Fabrics continues to run its business with passion while maintaining a loyal, family environment for employees, who play a vital role in the company’s success. As a united team, the company has made it a constant practice to run an honest and ethical business, with a win-win mentality.



Londa's Sewing

Londa's Sewing patterns are based on a unique concept…They talk to you! Step-by-step photos are included with each Talking Pattern™, accompanied by helpful audio commentary describing the technique in each photo at the associated website created for each pattern. If you can READ it, SEE it, and HEAR CAN sew it!
Londa loves teaching and sharing the designs and the techniques she's developed.
Always striving to offer innovative sewing products, with friendly, personal service.




Sharon Schamber Master Quilter

Sharon Schamber is one of quilting’s treasures. Sharon Master Quilter has spent years honing her craft. Aside from Sharon’s innovative work as an instructor she is an award winning quilter. When Sharon first began the art of quilting she found that there was not a consistent or comprehensive learning structure. She has spent her entire career learning and compiling all her experience into a teachable program.



Debby Brown Quilts 

Quilter, Teacher, Designer, Author, Quilt Enabler

Debby writes a popular quilting blog She regularly uploads quilting videos to YouTube for her followers. Her teaching calendar, books, and more information are listed on her website.

Debby Brown has been quilting for more than two decades, and she’s been teaching for almost as long. Debby travels the world as a Handi Quilter educator, and she has lectured at numerous quilt shows, including the International Quilt Festival in Houston, the International Quilt Show Dubai, and the American Quilter’s Society. Debby Brown started teaching longarm quilting in 2004, giving quilters the confidence they needed to turn their visions into quilts. Since Debby began quilting in 1986, she has completed several thousand quilts for herself and others. Her work can be seen in Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, Quilt Mania, The Quilter Magazine, Fabric Trends, and other publications. She has taught at national quilt shows such as MQX, AQS, and Quilting with Machines.



Toni Smith

Comic Book, Video Game, and Pop Culture Quilts and Patterns.

Toni has been selling her original Comic Book and Video Game quilts at conventions for years. Her pattern line of pixelated quilts teach the basics of quilting while teaching experienced quilters new techniques. She also travels to teach classes, lecture, and give trunk shows.



The Bad Ass Quilting Society #BAQS

With a passion for quilting and enough sass to fuel a nuclear power plant, Maddie required an approach to channel that vitality into something productive that let her develop her own talents, help others in their artistic journey at the same time naturally being spunky self… while busting through the sewing world’s stereotype that regularly thinks of quilters to be quiet, silver haired and somewhat frumpy.

From a ranty post on Maddie’s blog Domestic Anarchy to a wild wish - the *BadAss Quilters Society* was conceived as a page on Facebook mid-2012.

Much to her surprise, there were thousands of other BadAss Quilters out there looking for a place to hang loose, talk fabric and swap the incidental rotten joke at the same time being free from the severe idea of what quilters "should be".

Inside six months the first 1k BadAss Quilters had joined, and the spot got jumping leading the formation of BAQS a powerful online presence of all thing quilty and BadAss.

Spotlights featuring quilters of all types, as well as Famore Cutlery Product giveaways and meet-ups, are happening as we speak!

So if your info fun and quilting – BAQS is the place! 

Website - BadAss Quilters Society:


 Paula Reid.. (Bats in the Attic)

Often described as an “artist with a sewing machine”, Paula Reid is a custom heirloom quilting specialist.

Paula made her first quilt in April 1990, three weeks after attending the Glendale (California) Quilt Show with her best friend, Mary Ponce. She taught her first machine piecing class two years later but found that her heart was captured by the quilting process.
Since the day that she made her very first quilt, she has quilted over 1,400 quilts, all on her regular home machines.

“Fluff & Stuff” is what Paula calls her method for moving large quilts through a home machine. She began teaching workshops on her techniques and her appearances on “Simply Quilts” brought her to the attention of a larger audience. Now spending weeks at a time on the road, she has decided that nothing is more fun than sharing ideas with the quilters she meets on her travels.



Stacy Michell 

Stacy Michell started a business venture called “Shades Textiles”. After visiting several large quilt shows, she was inspired to explore the options of hand dyed textiles in the quilting marketplace. Within her first couple of years in business, Stacy started exhibiting at as many as 18 quilt shows a year with venues like The American Quilter’s Society Quilt Show or Quilt Market & Quilt Festival in Houston.

Stacy took on the challenge of the Hawaiian Quilt. Part of her interest in the Hawaiian Quilt was to develop machine appliqué techniques for this style of quilt traditionally created by hand.

All of the creative energy flowing around her studio with the addition of the appliqué patterns helped create newly dyed fabric techniques known as “The Hand Dyed Hula Hoop”.

Currently, Shades Textiles Studio occupies a 7000 square foot space. With a small staff and a little gray cat.
Shades Studio is a fun, busy, and colorful place to be inspired!



 Tracy Mooney (Sew Supportive)

 Senior Editor of Generation Q Magazine, proud BERNINA Ambassador, and blogger
Quilter, Wife, Mom, Foodie, Geek, Warrior

Tracy started with GenQ Magazine in 2012 and never looked back.

In February of 2013, Tracy Mooney was diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome, an autoimmune disease related to Lupus.

"This diagnosis made me reevaluate everything - my diet, how much I do each day, my work schedule and especially how I approach sewing projects. 
It is hard to keep sewing when your body just can't do what it used to do. From, changing your sewing station to a more ergonomic setup, to products that help you cut accurately even with painful hands, this website is meant to help you to continue to enjoy the health benefits of sewing even when you face health challenges."



 Eryn Shields (Style Sew Me)

Eryn is a Target-loving, reality-show watching, sew-a-holic, wife and mother, living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. She fell in love with her sewing machine - as her very own creative outlet that was just for her! I’m sure many of us can relate.

“When I am at my sewing machine, I am not a wife, mother, or employee. I am just Eryn. As a woman juggling multiple responsibilities, I believe it is so important for women to take sometimes to feed their souls with the things we like to do.”



Welcome to Sookie Sews

Sue is the owner of Sookie Sews, formerly Sue O'Very Designs. She is a sewing, serger, machine embroidery, and garment pattern designer. Sue is an artist, blogger, and YouTuber. Sue is proudly your BERNINA Embroidery Software V9 Expert and of course a BERNINA and bernette Ambassador. Her background is costume design, fashion design, and small leather goods design.

Sue teaches her machine embroidery techniques nationwide at in-person classes, at Craftsy, on her YouTube channel (, and her online sewing school, Sookie Bee Sewing Academy ( Sue is the creator of the EZ Point & Turner and has her own line of cutlery here on Famore Cutlery. Her two books are Pocket Guide to Stabilizers and Pocket Guide to Notions where she showcases her two strengths of machine embroidery and notion know-how.

She recently was recently married to the love of her life Joey, has a daughter Heidi, two step-daughters Molly and Abby, and two Japanese Chins Kiwi and Kenji. When you met Sue in person you are sure to be inspired, laugh, and learn. Sue says the best part of her job is teaching and seeing the enthusiasm when they stitch up one of her designs or patterns.


Barb Callahan

Barb has been creating her own one of a kind garments for over 30 years. Barb travels the country from expos to guilds and even sewing centers bringing with her a full dewing curriculum with her. Barb Callahan is a recognized on Martha Pullen Co. and ASG educator.

A nationally recognized designer, teacher, and lecturer, Barb has designed and constructed one of a kind garments using her label “Barb Originals” for over 30 years. Barb is a contributing author for various publications including Threads magazine and Sew Beautiful magazine. She is an active surface design and fiber artist regularly conducting workshops and seminars in various locations with a philosophy of creativity while having fun.

Barb travels the U.S. with her husband Joe, in their Lazy Daze RV, sharing her expertise in using vintage linens, buttons, hankies, trimmings and more to create stylish, flattering and easy-to-make clothing and accessories.



Kathy Ruddy Designs

Kathy Ruddy is an educator in dressmaking, sewing and serging has been in the industry for over 50 years. Kathy has enjoyed great success as a fabric clerk, sewing instructor, fabric promotions, fabric manager, and store manager. Kathy has been creating her own media content since 1988, creating instructional videos for her growing clientèle.

Her fashion sense highlights Comfortable Clothes That Camouflage and make you look slimmer. Kathy can sew & serge anything and fit anybody.

Website - Kathy Ruddy Designs:


 Man Quilter Learn to Longarm Quilt in the shortest time possible!

 THE Online Quilting Community for Men! 

A place for men who like to quilt or want to learn about quilting.
Keeping up with the longarm quilting tips & long arm world.



The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Sewing Machines

"Whether you love to get creative with fabrics, enjoy the challenge of following a design, or simply want the ability to mend clothing, Rachel's Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Sewing Machines will provide you with all the information you might need to find the right machine!"