Time is flying right into Houston

Time is flying right into Houston


My, how time has flown! We can’t believe we’re at the end of October and that the holidays are already approaching rapidly. That said, we won’t get into the holidays just yet.


We’d like to share with you where we’ll be in the coming days – Quilt Festival Houston. This festival is especially special to us because we’ve been attending this show for more than 20 years now and have never missed one. In fact, Sebastian talks about how he’s seen the city of Houston change over the 7 years he’s been a part of Famore.


“It was incredible to see how quickly the city picked itself up after Harvey,” he said. “I’m sure people are still suffering from the aftermath to this day.”


This festival is not only near and dear to us, but its unique in the fact that it’s a two-part show – one for wholesalers and distributors, and one for consumers. It welcomes people from all around the world – and we mean all around the world. In fact, here are just a few countries that will be represented: The United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Kuwait, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Japan, Korea and Australia.


Awesome, right? The first part of the show – known as Market – is a B2B show where distributors and wholesalers come together to show off the newest lines of fabrics, machines, tools, etc. Speaking of which – we have a new tool for you to try!


We get to learn at this festival, along with consumers because the Market features classes on new products, techniques, quilting and even how to run a business.


The second half of the show is the actual festival, which hosts the biggest quilt display – ever. In fact, the amount of space dedicated to vendors is the same amount of space dedicated to this quilt display. One quilt, from a world-renowned artist, gets raffled off during the festival.


We’re still around for the festival part, we’re just at the booth marketing Famore and our products – or you know … you can find Brint roaming around taking pictures with everyone!


There’s so much going on during this show that there’s no way to even describe everything that goes on, which is why you should plan to stop by. Or, if it’s too late of notice, make plans to come next year. We guarantee you’ll have a blast.


On an unrelated note – or is it related since we already mentioned it? We have a new product to share!


For almost 20 years, Famore has been offering its customers sharpening and reconditioning on all their Famore branded products – and for FREE. With all of our knowledge and expertise of scissor reconditioning we have come up with a new product avenue called Scissors Care. This new section of products will consist of three new items, two of which are bundled.


First, we have the Famore Rust Eraser. This is not something you’ll ever have to use on Famore products, but we thought you’d need it for other household items like workshop scissors or knives. The Rust Eraser is a small block that will literally erase rust and leave you with a beautiful, brushed-satin, finish. This product retails for only $8.50.


Next up, we have the Famore Blade Care Kit, which consists of two handy items. Whether pivot points get tight or debris gets trapped in the screws of your scissors, Famore has you covered. With our Famore Lubricating Oil will remove debris and coat your screw to keep your scissors from rusting or seizing up. This oil will also slow down existing rust from spreading. But wait, that’s not all! The second item of the kit is the resusable Famore Polishing Cloth which works on steel and fine metals. Have some jewelry to clean? Perfect – the Famore Polishing Cloth will be right there to make it shine bright like a diamond. This kit retails for only $19.99.


If you’re unsure of any of our new products, come see us at any of the shows we’re at. We’ll guarantee you’ll be amazed with the luxury and lasting products we have created with you in mind.

Flying from one career to the next

Flying from one career to the next

As we head to the clos e of summer, we’d like to introduce you to a spunky, long-arm quilter named Sarah. We met her during the AQS Quilt Show last April in Paducah, Kentucky. During this time she was helping another company with their booth, being a brand ambassador for another, all while helping us with our giveaways and Instagram Live feeds. Needless to say, we couldn’t get enough of her.Flying from one career to the next

With her always-upbeat attitude she always put a smile on our face. Not to mention, we always got carried away with our conversation – it’s hard not to with Sarah since she’s incredibly animated. We knew if we loved her, that you would also feel the same.  

Sarah – or SARIDITTY – is a licensed commercial pilot. She received a degree in Aviation Technology from Purdue University where she went on to be the chief pilot for an engineering firm. Fast forward a little to marrying her long-time college friend -- an Air Force officer in Charleston, South Carolina. After their wedding vows were said, they packed up and headed to the next chapter of their life – but without piloting.

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