Flying from one career to the next

Flying from one career to the next

As we head to the clos e of summer, we’d like to introduce you to a spunky, long-arm quilter named Sarah. We met her during the AQS Quilt Show last April in Paducah, Kentucky. During this time she was helping another company with their booth, being a brand ambassador for another, all while helping us with our giveaways and Instagram Live feeds. Needless to say, we couldn’t get enough of her.Flying from one career to the next

With her always-upbeat attitude she always put a smile on our face. Not to mention, we always got carried away with our conversation – it’s hard not to with Sarah since she’s incredibly animated. We knew if we loved her, that you would also feel the same.  

Sarah – or SARIDITTY – is a licensed commercial pilot. She received a degree in Aviation Technology from Purdue University where she went on to be the chief pilot for an engineering firm. Fast forward a little to marrying her long-time college friend -- an Air Force officer in Charleston, South Carolina. After their wedding vows were said, they packed up and headed to the next chapter of their life – but without piloting.

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