Best Scissors for Sewing

Best Scissors for Sewing

Posted by Sebastian Rivera on Jun 13th 2022

Famoré's List of Best Sewing Scissors & Shears

Sometimes there is just so much information out there and we just want a well-formed list with reasons as to why a certain tool is right for the job. So here is that list.


1) No sewing room is complete without a fabric shear. Our 8-inch comfort handle serrated shears are the most versatile scissors we make. The scissors are light weight but cut like a fully forged steel pair. The 739 shears come with one blade serrated and the other blade polished. The serrated edge allows for precise cutting from the back of the scissors to the tip while the polished edge allows for glide cuts. The large handles comfortable fit your hand for easy use.

a) If you do like the fully forge style of shear, we do have 3 pairs you might want to also consider. Items 726728 and 730 all are heavy duty fabric shears. The difference is in their size. 

The 726 is a 6” heavy duty mini power cutter (Left-Handed coming soon). 


The 728 is the standard 8” fabrics shear (available in Left-Handed). Perfectly balanced with a sharp edge. 


Lastly our 730 9” Dress Maker Shears are unlike any on the market. Capable of cutting through foam, leather, light and heavy fabrics this is one of our toughest shears.



2) Now that you have your standard fabric shears taken care of you are going to need a smaller pair for precise cutting. For this we have our micro-tip 711 scissors. These mighty little scissors get you as close to the seam as you need to without compromise to your work. They can also double up as buttonhole scissors. Since the points are so fine you can poke into any part of your fabric and make a precise cut. This item does come without the super fine points (708)


3) Trimming scissors come in my shapes, sizes, and styles. You will always find that your project needs some treads or edges that need a trim. Your fabrics shears are usually too big for this job. For this we have;

a716 a 6” thin blade scissors, the thin blades allow for precise cut work without compromise.


b713 is a 5” trimming scissors with all the same benefits of the 716 just slightly shorter.


c715 is a half inch shorter than the 713


d719 is a heavy duty small 5.5” scissors. These are made to handle multiple layers and heavier types of fabric.


e714 is our serrated trimming scissors. These boast large handles which allow for more control and comfortability. The serrations allow you to grab your fabric from the starting point. Fabric does not slip or get pushed when cutting with these.


f717 is a blunt small 3.5” trimming scissors. If you are not wanted to poke into your project these are a great alternative to the point smaller trimming scissors.