Famore ends a decade on a high note

Famore ends a decade on a high note

Posted by Famore on Dec 17th 2019

As we close another decade, we’d like to reminisce on what was a great 2019 for Famore Cutlery.

Famore reached milestones within the company like they’ve never done before. They, not only, placed a huge focus on rebranding and packaging on the products, but they pushed our brand into other parts of the industry – Cosplay – and have secured some great, new relationships from those sectors of the industry.

You may have seen some of these relationships blossom through Famore’s newsletter features. If you missed it, here are the top 3 most read from 2019:

Relationships are great, not only within the industry, but also with customers. Famore has always taken time to listen to their customer requests even more in 2019, as they’re always learning and willing to accept constructive criticism where needed.

“The biggest changes that have occurred are in the products,” Sebastian said. “We are implementing new manufacturing techniques, which cut down on manufacturing time, and improve the quality of the tools.”

Quality of products was proven in 2019, as inventory continued to fall off the shelves. Just this year, Famore had two runaway successes in inventory products.

The first notable item was a small mini-duckbill applique scissors in purple that ended up on back order for more time than they’d like to admit.

“Who doesn’t love purple?” Sebastian said. “Clearly, everyone loves the color since they were on backorder for a bit.”

The second item was a classic, teal, turning tool for customers that began with Famore’s first partnership with an educator within the industry. Partnering with Sue O’Very Designs to create this tool was a success, as they couldn’t keep it in stock very long.

As soon as a shipment was received, it went straight out the door to customers. Nothing stayed in tock for long, proving that the two new products out-sold all Famore’s existing products by a long shot.

Sebastian 2019 “We have never had this kind of successful launch and definitely not twice in one year,” Sebastian said. “We are looking forward to bringing new and exciting products for our customers next craft project.

So what’s new for 2020?

Famore plans to expand the office since they’re adding new positions to help with the workflow. Company leaders have made all the right decisions thus far, so Famore is in an upswing. The biggest goal for 2020 is to keep the momentum going, all while keeping customers happy.

Keep a look out for their new product category with their flagship kitchen shears. In addition, they’ll be showcasing a new look and feel to the Famore logo and packaging. Some other big announcements will be happening, but you’ll have to wait on those!

There’s already 5 consumer shows on the books this year, so keep your calendars open to meet Brint and Sebastian in 2020!

All in all, 2019 was a year for the books. From new products to trips to Pakistan, Famore is in the groove and continues to carry on great service and products for their industry.

With that, they can’t thank their customers enough for their love and support.