Famore & In-Person Shows

Famore & In-Person Shows

Posted by Sebastian R. on Jun 3rd 2021

We would like to start off by thanking all our amazing friends and customers that have kept us busy through the past year. We have been hard at work to bring our customers the best experience with our products and are working on releasing new products in the coming years. The change in our schedules gave us an opportunity to create content we never had the chance to before and to collaborate with many of the industry juggernauts.

We have been carefully tracking the guidelines and health information coming out from the CDC. Our staff has been fully vaccinated and is ready for in person shows. The in person show landscape is still somewhat an unknown but we have chosen to attend two consumer shows this year along with two B2B shows.

Our first show of the year will be VDTA which is in Las Vegas and is a dealer only show.

June 12-14, 2021

Paris Hotel Conference Center

Las Vegas, NV

Next, we will be vending at the biggest Con in the south, DragonCon. This show is a consumer show mixed with cosplayers, gamers, comic fans, artists and so much more. We are super excited to get back in front of our existing customers and new ones yet to try out our products.

2021 Dragon Con Dates

Thursday, September 2 - Monday, September 6

Last but not least we are really happy to know that Quilts, Inc has managed to weather the pandemic and is moving forward with their big show in Houston. Last year was the first time in two decades that we missed attending Market and Festival. This two-part show is one part dealer show and one part consumer show.

Market which is the first of the two and is for dealers or businesses looking to make business connections. The dates and details are below.

OCTOBER 23 THRU 25 – 2021

Finally, our last show for the 2021 calendar year is Quilts Inc Festival which is a couple days after Market closes down. The largest display of quilts is part of the admission to this show. You literally have to plan your visit to this event as it is impossible to see and do it all in 4 days. Come see us, our new products and more.

OCTOBER 28 THRU 31 – 2021

We look forward to seeing many of our friends and customers at these select in person shows. We hope everyone is doing well.