Left Handed Crafters

Posted by Sebastian R. on Sep 27th 2021

Left handed scissors and the difficulties of finding the right tools

What sets apart a left handed scissors from a right handed scissors and what does True Left handed mean? There is a long history of a large segment of the population being forced to choose against their natural instincts of using their left hand. Over the years we have carefully researched and developed the correct scissors for our left handed crafters.

The reason you will sometimes see the word True or Tru left handed scissors is that at one point manufacturers welded left handed handles onto right handed blades. These types of scissors are also sometimes to referred to as ambidextrous scissors. It is extremely important that you avoid any type of scissors advertised as ambidextrous and check to make sure they are real left handed scissors. The best way to tell if a scissor is left handed is that they are a mirror image of a right handed pair. What that means is the blades are switched as well as the handles, the cutting line is on the left side vs the right side. 

The reason right handed scissors do not work in your left hand is the way they are designed. The pressure you put on the thumb is reversed so instead of bringing in the blades you are pushing them out leading to folding the fabric or only cutting at the tip. Want a more in depth explanation on this, watch our informative video below.

Fortunately there is another option for fabric cutting and that is rotary blades. There are handles currently made to switch between left and right handed cutting.

In our efforts to bring our customers a well rounded line of products we are currently working on 6 new additions to our line of left handed scissors. We will have the most expansive line at that point. We will be offering our customers the same high quality experience they have come to expect from our right handed scissors. We do get the question about left handed pinking shears and unfortunately given the current difficulties of manufacturing the scissor it is not in our future.

  • Do left-handed scissors make a difference?
    • Having the correct left handed tool and scissors is important for a number of reasons. When using a cutting instrument the hand is prone to fatigue, imagine putting on a shoe on the wrong foot and forcing yourself to walk in it. It is neither comfortable nor practical but you can still sort of walk, this is similar to what a person who is left handed goes through using a right handed pair of scissors. In sewing or quilting precise cuts are everything and the cutting line is flipped depending on whether you are using a left or right handed scissors.
  • Why do scissors not work left-handed?
    • All scissors in their most simple form are two blades joined by a pivot point. There is also a gap between all blades in all scissors and this is by design. The act of scissoring is closing the gap by placing your hands in the handles and putting pressure inward to bring the blades together. Since a left handed person is going against their nature by using a right handed pair they are actually placing pressure outward and spreading the blades. This is the case for right handed people when they try to use left handed scissors.