New Left Handed Scissors by Famore

New Left Handed Scissors by Famore

Posted by Sebastian Rivera on Mar 2nd 2023

Famore has just dropped 6 new left-handed scissors. Starting 2023 strong, left-handed crafters, quilters, sewers and cosplayers now have access to a full line of left handed precision cutting tools. We have been working hard for years to get together a comprehensive set of new cutting tools for the left handed user

So what makes our scissors better and why is this such a big deal? The first thing to note is that the 6 new products join our existing 5 left handed scissors. This means even though the line is 11 scissors, no other company in the industry has this many precision left handed scissors. Our products go through vigorous quality control testing which means you get a top notch scissors out the package. Of course we do not claim to be perfect so any issues we quickly replace or correct.

You will always get a person when you call us during our ours or when responded to through email. Check out the new scissors below