OSQE Ahead of the Pack

OSQE Ahead of the Pack

Posted by Sebastian Rivera on Jun 29th 2021

As a growing number of people get vaccinated and restrictions lift, one organization has been ahead of the pack in terms of in person shows. The Original Sewing and Quilt Expo has been hosting shows since the 90s. Even as the pandemic raged on the organization pivoted and hosted live virtual classrooms when we were all at home. We are fortunate that they have weathered this global catastrophe and are charging forward with their expos.

The expos bring to everyone some normalcy and some newness. Attendees can sign up for in person sewing, quilting, crafting and cosplay lessons. The lessons are taught by world renown experts from around the globe. Along with the small group classes the expo offers stage presentations where the educators come up on stage and talk about their craft. Attendees can ask questions and learn more about the educator.

If classes are not for you the expo has organized "Sewing's Next Generation" where young sewing & Quilting enthusiast can showcase their work and skills in front of an audience with prizes for the winners. Get a chance to encourage the future generations of crafters. In select cities OSQE will also be hosting a live cosplay contest. Here cosplayers can showcase their fandom on the runway. Even if you do not enter you can come in costume and get into the show at no charge. There will be cash prizes for the winners and much more.

There are activities for everyone at the expo including Make-It Take-It projects. You get to make the projects from start to finish at the expo before you head home. No need to do any kind of homework. If you are thinking to yourself what else can they fit into this expo well, there is more. The quilt exhibits and cosplay displays are one of a kind. Artists, creators, sewers, and quilters send in their amazing work to be shared with Expo attendees. There is no extra charge to enjoy these amazing works of art, and they hang for just 3-days and they are gone. There is no extra charge or fee to enjoy these amazing works of art.

If all this was not enough you cannot forget that there is an entire vendor hall in the middle of all these activities. Get to see all your old friends and make new ones while shopping the vendor hall. Sewing machines, fabric, patterns, notions, and everything you could ever need to fill your crafting room. 

Lastly as the day ends you will hear the familiar voice from Mark Ingram pushing the famous cart around, “Here Comes the Draw!”. A crowd of attendees will follow him up to the stage where he will draw names of attendees from the basket. Winners will be awarded, sewing machines, notions, coupons, gift cards and more. We are happy to see that The Original Sewing and Quilt Expo has upcoming shows this year and for 2022. Famore will be attending some of the shows for the 2022 calendar year. 

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