Serrated Scissors & Crafting

Serrated Scissors & Crafting

Posted by Sebastian Rivera on Sep 27th 2021

In the many years we have been manufacturing scissors, notions and tools there are a number of questions surrounding serrated scissors. We are here to hopefully answer as many of the common questions we get about serrated scissors

The most common is, What are serrated scissors used for? Serrated scissors have a huge number of uses across many industries. The primary reason for a serrated edge is longevity. A serrated blade will last longer and handle tougher material than a standard edge. In the crafting world we never serrate both blades as it is not necessary nor practical. Serrations are also sometimes confused for pinking shears which are entirely a different style of blade. 

The other advantage to a serrated edge when cutting fabrics is that there is no pushing. There are times some blades are over polished and no matter how far back on the scissors you begin your cut, it still pushes the fabric forward only giving you half the blade use. A serrated edge will hold on to the fabric where you begin your cut. This gives you the full cut of your scissors. 

Serrated scissors do not have a specific name but when searching for one it helps to include the use. For example kitchen years like our Shariki shears come serrated so a search for them would include "Serrated Kitchen Shear". Same with quilting, sewing, foam, or even electrical scissors. 

Micro serrated scissors are the same as regular serrated but on a smaller scale. Our 738T thread snips are micro serrated meaning the serrations are small since the scissors are precision instruments. The micro serrations do the same as regular serrations but work better on smaller projects.

Lastly Sharpening. We get the question, Can serrated scissors be sharpened? The short answer is yes. Since both blades are not serrated we are usually able to just sharpen the non serrated edge. There is a long list of other services that are performed on scissors when sharpened but in short usually just getting one edge will bring the scissors back to working order. In the extreme case that the serrations are heavily damaged we are able to removed and replace the serrations on the scissors. If you have questions about our sharpening services click here.

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