​The New Year means new company updates

​The New Year means new company updates

Posted by Famore on Jan 24th 2020

The New Year means new company updates! Here’s what’s been going on and what you can look forward to:

 In December, Brint and Sebastian spent four weeks at their factory, working tirelessly on many projects, one of which led them to pick and choose a new color to represent the Famore brand – Famore Flame Blue. Not only is the color incredibly gorgeous, but it’s the color of the year, according to Pantone who chose Classic Blue as the color of 2020.

"It's a color that anticipates what's going to happen next," said Laurie Pressman, the vice president of the Pantone Color Institute, which selects the Color of the Year.

And that’s exactly what Famore is going to do – always work around the clock on new items, so their fans and followers will always anticipate what’s coming next.

The most recent change? Reimagining their line of scissors.

Arriving in early-summer, the Famore Flame Blue scissors will be the purchase to make in 2020. With the a matte Flame Blue finish and a little sparkle, Famore has changed up their mini snips, along with the small straight fancy handle scissors.

The team is also releasing an updated Embroidery kit with the new Flame Blue color! The outer-skin of the kit will be a textured, black-rose design and will include the Flame Blue handled scissors inside. But wait … that’s not all! Our ever popular Mini-Duckbill scissors, arrow points, mini in the hoop embroider scissors, our micro serrated EZ-Snips and the all-purpose angled tweezers will all be included in the kit, as well!

As you’re aware, all of our scissors come with a lifetime sharpening guarantee, so you will always be able to send Famore your Famore-branded scissors for sharpening.

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