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Thoughts on below?

Thoughts on below?

Posted by Famore on Mar 5th 2020

  We’re bringing you a little something different outside the realm of the Famore. That said, we think this will appeal to a lot of our cosplayers out there … and many of others within the Famore family.

We have some friends that are in the midst of creating a short film called The Gazer, a life story of Jack. Jack owns a small alien jerky shop in the desert. Aside from the occasional lost tourist, and a lizard hanging around his shop, Jack finds himself completely isolated. After his repetitive daily pattern is mysteriously interrupted, Jack is reminded of the passion and hope he once had to prove the existence of extra-terrestrial life.

“I poured qualities of myself into the character of Jack and the storyline. I’ve always been interested in the themes of belonging and dreams,” Eleni Rivera, writer and co-director said. “The Gazer plays with that moment in life where you’re on the brinks of giving up, but then something amazing happens and you find hope again.”

We can all relate to Jack. Think about that time where your design/costume wasn’t working out to your liking, and you were about to start all over. This is the exact scenario that Jack goes through. We believe that this short-film will be one that each and every person in the world will be able to relate to, and learn a great deal from. Think about it … we’re all destined for something greater. It just takes some time to figure out what the true meaning of our dreams are and how to make them a reality.

Help us help these talented individuals not to give up on their dreams … and allow us to meet Jack.

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