Pakistan puts a special touch on Famore products.

Posted by Famore on Nov 27th 2019

We come to you this month giving many thanks not only to our Famore followers, but to our factory workers in Pakistan. As both Brint and Sebastian are currently in the country, we thought it’d only be fitting to share more about the hard workers that create the products that you use day in and day out.

Over the past 20 years, Brint has cultivated a very strong relationship with the family that runs the factory in Pakistan and to many of our longtime customers and business partners, it is no secret what makes our products quality above the rest.

When Brint acquired Famore, he went looking for a factory. At the time, the U.S. scissors manufacturing industries had all left to be in other countries, so he went to China to see if it’d be a fit. During his visit, he found it difficult to accept the quality the work that was being done, so he went back home. On his way back from China, though, he met a businessman from Pakistan who ended up owning and operating a factory. The rest? Well, the rest is history!

About twice a year, Brint goes to the factory to manage Specialty Product Sales’s private-label orders and has even become the Director of the Needle Arts Division within the factory.

Sebastian has been tagging along on some of the trips the last several years, as he taking over all things Famore. In fact, he’s in charge of maintaining and growing Famore Cutlery – the home brand. In order to do this through development and research, Sebastian has to come to the source – Pakistan.

“I take the time to visit with our contractors to learn new techniques, finishes, kits skins, and much more,” Sebastian said. “It’s not easy juggling this time away from our home office, but you come here with goals in mind and they end up being met.”

Sebastian shared that Pakistan and the surrounding region has, what we call, the cradle of civilization. The area has history spanning thousands of years and with that has come a knowledge and understanding of great artisans and handwork. This knowledge of cutting instruments extends to knives, swords and scissors. In fact, almost all quality, metal-medical tools come from Pakistan. The variety of products made within this country is unreal! Our factory not only makes Famore products, but beauty products including hair shears and tweezers, as well.

The society in Pakistan is structured in a way which has three main pillars. The first is family, which includes uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents and more within the household. The second is religion. And the third is work, which consists of six days.

Men and women only work if they choose to do so. When they do, they work at least 8-hour days and they are very serious about the roles they have within the factory. The factory has hundreds of employees that work on Famore products. Since the factory outsources materials and finishes, it adds to the amount of people involved. With Famore, most scissors and shears pass through 60 processes, with a large amount being completed by hand.

Brint and Sebastian both work tirelessly to keep the business moving forward and “it is nice to come to a place where everyone knows their efforts are for the shared well-being of the company.”

We can’t thank each and every one of them enough for not only putting their special touch on Famore products, but for being so kind and accommodating to our Famore family. There's a lot of perspective to be gained from their community, and we look forward to all of the future visits that will be shared.