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  • Sewing Machine Lamp - close up Sewing Machine Lamp - close up

    Sewing Machine Lamp

    Sewing Machine Lamp This small lamp is ideal for using on your sewing machine,you can direct the light exactly where you need it most. It is easily mounted on the side of your sewing machine with...

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  • Slimline - Floor Lamp

    Slimline - Floor Lamp

      Slimline - LED Floor Lamp Light up large work areas, like your home office, craft room or a living room couch. This stunning brushed chrome lamp gives you plenty of bright daylight(TM) light...

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  • Slimline 3 LED Table Lamp

    Taking the original Slimline to another level, the third generation Daylight Slimline, comes with superb additional features. The new aluminium shade emits a brighter light with better diffusion...

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  • Table Magnifying Lamp - reading
Table Magnifying Lamp - folded

    Table Magnifying Lamp

    Table Magnifying Lamp (Purchase available at quilting shows only  Take a look at the Table Magnifying Lamp in action:   This small magnifying lamp will become your best partner to...

  • The Luminos model - showing the Powerful LED Lamp
The Luminos model - showing the Powerful LED Lamp

    The Luminos

    The Luminos is one of our brightest lamps This powerful LED lamp provides the ultimate in high level light output with an extraordinarily wide spread of light that is fully dimmable. The...

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  • Wafer 1 Lightbox - sizes Wafer 1 Lightbox -2

    Wafer 1 Lightbox

    Wafer 1 Lightbox The Wafer Lightbox is ideal for calligraphy, stencilling, scrapbooking, embossing, quilting, embroidery, sewing, and much more. Extra Thin - only 0.8cm (⅜ inch) thick...

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