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EZ Snip A Stitch


What makes a Famore snip different from the competition?

                To start off, our Polished and titanium curved snips are micro-serrated. Micro serrations are important for two reasons. One being the snips will outlast the competition (when used properly). Second, we are capable of sharpening Famore snips. This means you can get years of usage from your snips before they will require replacement.

                Famore offers two hooked snips in two sizes. The hooked snip is specifically designed to hook on stich work and snip it without damaging the rest of the project. The large snip is best used for long arm quilters or embroiderers. The size of the nips allows for longer and wider reach.

                All Famore snips are spring action, so they are easy to grab and snip with. There are no finger holes to worry about. The Famore snip works right or left handed.

Famore snips are a work of art. The snips go through an extensive 20 processes by hand, from the grinding, polishing to setting of these small wonders, you know they are in good hands.