Famore Workshops at the Con

Famore Workshops at the Con

Famore Cutlery is on a mission to bring education to the forefront of cosplay conventions. For the 25 years Famore has been in the crafting industry education has always been an important part of the business plan. As we enter the cosplay space we noticed a lack of proper education for the cosplayers in the convention space. We recognize conventions can be gathering places for long time friends. They serve as safe spaces for anyone to express themselves and their fandom. In keeping with this mission we want to bring the collective knowledge of the community to those who wish to learn. 


The Cosplay Educators we have worked with have set a high bar and standards for this program. Below are some of the criteria we look for in potential new educators;

  • Expert knowledge on crafting topics
  • Multiples years in the cosplay community
  • Positive contributions to the cosplay community
  • Competed in cosplay competitions
  • Guested at multiple conventions in various roles
  • Published articles about their achievements
  • Active social media with series detailing their builds
  • Self promoter
  • Educational content on social media
  • Understanding of professional relationships

Educators we currently work with;




Casey Renee 


Seams Come True    



ladycels-headshot.jpg        LadyCels   






Sarah Spaceman


 Tim Harrison HDC Fabrication