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Left Handed Scissors

True Left Handed Scissors Explained

This quick video explains how to correctly use true left-handed shears,

And why it's really about a “lefty’s” line of sight when cutting fabrics correctly and precisely for your projects.


True Left Handed Scissors put you and your view on the correct side of the cutting blade

So, you are left-handed in a right-handed world. We feel your pain and that is why we have created the essential sewing and fabric scissors in a True Left-Handed style. A True Left Hand scissors is a complete reversal of a right hand scissors.

There was a time long ago when scissors manufacturers made “left-handed scissors”, the problem is that they only put left handed handles with right-handed blades. If you have been cutting with right-handed scissors or not so true left handed scissors then True Left-Handed scissors might not work for you, right away.

Viewing exactly where you are cutting without your own hands & scissors getting in the way – Don’t struggle or contort yourself any longer to view your trace lines. Even ambidextrous scissor users will come to appreciate and love these true left handed scissors. We’ve been making scissors the right way for over 21 years, and we’ve brought our expertise to the design of these true left hand scissors.

True Left handed scissors mirror the right-handed blade's positions – allowing you the artist to trace cut to the lines, folds, and precise measurements. Our small left handed sewing and left handed fabric scissors met a need we saw in the embroidery, sewing, crafting, and quilting market place. These small left handed scissors are nothing like the small left handed safety scissors children use for crafts.

We think you’ll enjoy Famore’s nice selection for the left-handed and ambidextrous crafter (don’t forget they make great gifts for your left handed friends & family). See our selections of left hand scissors below: