Limited Warranty

Famore Cutlery stands behind its high level of quality, BUT we do understand that the world is not perfect and sometimes we make a mistake. Our 30-day return policy covers any manufacturer’s defects from date of purchase. If you purchased our product at one of our many vendors and stores, then you should check their return policy first before contacting us. Possible defects covered in the warranty include but are not limited to:

  • Rust within the blades, preventing the scissors to function normally
  • A crack in the steel, preventing normal scissors function
  • Loose scissors, preventing normal scissors function
  • Visibly broken or cracked scissors, before any use is applied to the scissors

On many occasions we ask for a picture of the damaged scissors, this is to help us assess the damage. We require some proof of purchase with the date on it. Once we have the information we need and the damaged product we can either issue an exchange, credit, or refund. We do not cover shipping charges to our facility or from our facility. We are able to estimate what shipping charges will be for most item(s).

Famore Cutlery is not responsible is the scissors damage has been caused intentionally or accidental by our vendors, sellers, stores, or end users. Our limited warranty does not cover the following:

Damage caused by natural disasters of any kind

  • Damage from accidental drops
  • Damage caused by corrosive materials
  • Use of scissors for unintended purposes not mentioned in the package
  • Failure to follow scissors care instructions found on the back of the packaging.
  • Services rendered by any technician not approved or licensed by Specialty Product Sales Inc.

If we conclude that the damage was caused externally the warranty is then void and no further action will be taken by Specialty Product Sales Inc.

For any further details, questions, comments or concerns please email us at or mail us at:

Specialty Product Sales Inc.
PO Box: 1314
Gainesville GA 30501