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Magnifiers & Lights

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Full Spectrum LED Lights and Lit up Magnifiers

                Famore is well known for its high quality long lasting products. Keeping up with this trend of professional level products we have scoured the world in search of the perfect lighting company. We taken the time to test, poll and research which products our customers need most. For this we carry the Daylight brand of products. Daylight magnifiers give you the ability to work in detail, like never before. Their top of the line lenses allows for creatives to clearly see their detailed crafting, cosplay, sewing, foam smithing, Quilting, Applique projects and so much more.

Daylight’s Lights and Lit up Magnifiers come in a variety of ways;

  • Adjustable
  • Table top
  • Table Clamp
  • Floor Stand
  • Battery operated
  • Re-chargeable

Because Famore believes in high quality products we have chosen Daylight as our premier light provider. All Daylight product comes with a one-year guarantee, if one single LED burns out Daylight replaces the entire unit. The LEDs used in Daylight product are manufactured in a way that any defects will present themselves within the first few months of usage. You never have to worry about finding and replacing outdated bulbs.

Why full spectrum?

Crafting of any kind whether you are building your next cosplay work of art or quilting the comfiest baby blanket, colors matter. All of Daylights’ products come with full spectrum LEDs which means you get the true color of any material put under the light. You do not have to worry about the dreaded yellowing of soft white or the blueish green hue from cheap LEDs.

Browse our ever expanding line of Daylight products if you are a crafter, quilter, sewer, embroiderer, model hobbyist, jeweler, cosplayer, foam smither, painter and everything else.