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Tweezers, Tools and More 

  Famore makes more than just scissors. In our line of products, we have added complementary notions to go along with your scissors. In this page you will find an extensive list of Hemostats/Forceps, Alligator forceps, stiletto, tweezers, and seam ripper.

  Forceps have become an important tool to have in any crafting room. Forceps allow you to grab and keep tension on an object without having to hold on. Doll makers use them to turn their creations and stuff them. Fabric Dyers will use them to grab and hold their dyed fabrics without getting dye themselves. Sometimes other types of crafters use them, like mechanics. Things do get lost in nooks and crannies and only small forceps can get in. Some fishermen use forceps to remove hooks from their catch.

  Famore has a wide variety of tweezers for you to choose from. We carry flat tip short tweezers for make up application, hair removal, or tread pulling. Famore has a precision tweezers with needle points for the smallest of jobs.

  Sometimes we find ourselves needing an extra pair of fingers to grab and hold an object. We have two typed of opposable tweezers. Opposable tweezer open when engaged and close when release. Some might call them reverse tweezers. An opposable design is best when used to apply false eye lashes, change needles on a machine, grab beads or threads.

 Take your time to look over our amazing selection of Tweezers, Tools and More.