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Quilting Scissors & Supplies

Famore quilting scissors are perfect for Heirloom quilts, Appliqued Quilts, Pieced Quilt, Art Quilts, Modern Quilts, Paper Piecing, English Paper Piecing, Album quilts, Amish and Amish style quilts, Cathedral Window quilts, Crazy quilts, Hawaiian Quilts, Log Cabin quilts, Star quilts, Wedding Ring quilts, Yo Yo quilts, Baby Quilts, Christmas Quilts, Civil War Quilts, Rag quilts, Memory Quilts, Patchwork quilts, Photo Memory Quilts, and other creative quilting projects because they are designed to be an extension of the artist’s hand.

Welcome to the Famore Quilting section,

  Famore Cutlery’s quilting scissors and tools are designed for all levels of artist abilities. From home beginners to well-known industry experts, Famore Cutlery has the right tool for you. Check out our extensive selection of fabric shears, hook snips and even our batting scissors.

  Our Quilting tools are the perfect solution for a variety of textile arts and crafts including sewing, embroidery, tapestry, appliqué and patchwork

Be sure to browse our site and make your quilting projects easier, fun, and more manageable with our quilting scissors and supplies.