Scissors Care

Caring For Your Scissors

        If you are reading this, know that you have now taken the first step to long lasting scissors and shears. Famore Cutlery scissors and products are made from high grade German stainless steel or high grade Japanese stainless steel. No precision instruments last forever but with regular care they can last a long time. The following preventative actions will keep your tools working longer and efficiently:

1. Make sure to stick to one kind of material when using our scissors. Famore brand scissors can be used for many projects and different materials but switching between materials can damage scissors. If you use your scissors for paper, try not to use them for fabric and vice versa.
2 . Keep scissors and other metal tools away from high moisture environments.
3. Oil your scissors accordingly to usage. If you use them every day, oil your scissors once a week. If you use them once a week or less, oil them monthly.

A lot of debris from cutting ends up at the pivot point of scissors. This is usually where the screw is located. Debris attracts moisture. Overtime the scissors begin to rust from the inside out. If you open your scissors now and notice the back of the blades are dry, they probably need oil.

At this point you are wondering, “What kind of oil am I supposed to use!” Any 3-in-1 oil or machine oil works but we recommend our own new Famore Polish & Oil Kit.