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Serrated Scissors

Serrated Fabric Shears & Snips – for steady and controlled cuts.

Famore’s line of serrated shears, scissors and snips have been carefully crafted with the artist in mind. We understand how frustrating it is to cut multiple layers of slinky fabrics that have a tendency of slipping when cutting.

                There are many advantages to using a serrated edge scissors. First it is a common misconception that both blades are serrated. When used in crafting a scissors works best with one serrated edge. Serrated blades hold onto material much better than polished blades. This means you do not have to risk pushing or folding on your material.

                When cutting multiple layers of fabric, a serrated edge is recommended. A serrated blade is less likely to slip on a fabrics surface. Certain kinds of material are also very lightweight or silky, using a serrated edge will keep up from slipping or fraying when cut. Lastly a serrated blade last longer than the traditional polished edge. All of our products we sharpen including serrated scissors.

                Famore offers a special serration service for non-serrated scissors.