Serration Services

Serration Services will be suspended from July 22nd - October 5th.

 We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause


Famore Cutlery Scissors Serration


   Here at Famore Cutlery we are constantly adding new and unique service which enhance the artist experience when using our tools. For this reason we have researched and mastered the technique of scissors serration. We are now able to serrate any of our Famore branded scissors.

Serrated scissors are capable of handling higher weights of fabric or the lightest fabrics with ease. Slick fabrics like silk are no match for a good quality serrated scissors.

   The fun does not end there, our master sharpeners can also recondition old serrated scissors as well as other brand of scissors. So if it is an old family heirloom scissors or your favorite new pair we can add serration to it.

For more information please email us at, please include your name, phone, and your inquiry.

To help us better understand what your needs are, we might ask you to send us images of your tools so we may better assess your needs.