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Sewing Scissors by Famore Cutlery

  Welcome to the Famore Sewing section. Here we showcase our wide arrange of tools for the sewing enthusiast, hobbyist and professional. For the two decades Famore has been in business our mission has always been to create the highest quality affordable product in the world. In this section you will find fully forged tools made from a high-grade German Stainless steel. Famore’s tools are rust tarnish and chip resistant. You will never see a Famore flake or loose its luster. Our tools are hand crafted by artisans who have passed down their skills for generations. We have been manufacturing with the same family owned factory since the beginning overseas.

  Beyond sewing, Famore scissors are great for any cutting need. Paper crafts, jewelry making, cosplay, foam smithing, and much more. Not sure if one of our scissors will work for your project? Shoot us an email or call with the specifics of your cutting needs, we are more than happy to find you the necessary tool.

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