Scissors Sharpening

Scissors Reconditioning, Sharpening & Rotary Blade Sharpening

(Please Note: if you are not sure whether or not your products can be sharpened, send us an email with a message and images describing the damage if it is not immediately noticeable. This does include rotary blades.)

Reconditioning your scissors

Specialty Product Sales, Inc. offers sharpening on all Famore scissors purchased at the retail price. Shipping and handling charges apply (refer to our "Limited Warranty" div below).

We also offer expert analysis on all other brands of scissors that need reconditioning or repair. Individual fees will apply (refer to fees listed below).

Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments

Limited Warranty ---Famore Cutlery warrants all Famore products from defective workmanship and materials for the life of the product. Any misused or abused items are excluded from this warranty.

Scissors Sharpening & Reconditioning Fees:

Famore brand scissors: are FREE Sharpening & Reconditioning 

Plus the additional $6.00 return shipping & handling Fee for the first pair

(any additional pairs after first pair are $3.00 per additional pairs - for shipping & handling fee) 


All other brands: are $1 per inch from handle to tip of scissors

Plus the return shipping (amount varies)

Rotary Blades (3 blade minimum per customer)

We are now accepting rotary blades for sharpening there is a 3 blade minimum for sharpening. 

  • $2 per Famore 45 MM SKS-7 Blades Shipping included


  • $4 per 45mm & 60mm NON-Famore branded rotary Blades plus shipping


  • $5 per Famore Carbide Professional blade (No Minimums) Shipping included


All Famore branded rotary blades will come in a protective case. If we received blades without a case one can be purchased for $3.00. We do not take responsibility for damaged blades due to mishandling by carrier services unless blades are in a protective case. 


NOTE:  If you wish to have your scissors insured when they are shipped back, MAKE sure to inform us and we will bill you the cost. 


Please send scissors with delivery confirmation to:

SPS, Inc.

Attention: Sharpening Department

P.O. Box 1314. Gainesville, GA 30503